Lacrosse Dodges feat Martin Bowes

Lacrosse dodges are a means to gain separation from your opponents. Here are five common lacrosse dodges: 1. Stutter-step dodge - A stutter-step dodge involves going one way, changing speeds, faking, and continuing on the original path. 2. Split dodge - Like the stutter-step dodge, the split dodge involves changing speeds, but you switch hands and change direction. 3. Face dodge - A face dodge is like a split, or stutter, but you keep your stick in the same hand. You cross it over your body, and face. And bring it back to ready position when the dodge is complete. 4. Roll dodge - A roll dodge involves attacking one side of an opponent's body, and then rolling away from the pressure so that when I change hands my stick will be facing away from the defense. 5. Swim dodge - Similar to a split dodge, you approach a defender with one hand, and then switch hands, but instead of just bringing your stick right across your face, you bring it over the defender.

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